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Celebrate Springtime With The Moisture Festival

By master · March 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

It’s almost spring in Fremont and that can only mean one thing…Moisture Festival time!!! (I suppose “spring in Fremont” can mean a lot of things, to be fair. But roll with me on this…)

The Moisture Festival returns for its eighth annual springtime celebration of comedy/varietè and burlesque on March 17 through April 10. The festival features 55 shows at very unique Seattle venues, including Hale’s Palladium in Fremont.

The Moisture Festival’s shows feature a rapid succession of acts showcasing comedy alongside awe-inspiring physical and mental dexterity, with poignant moments of strength and delicate beauty to make audiences laugh, wonder, shake heads in disbelief, and truly appreciate what live entertainment can do to exhilarate and bring some real joy.  A live show band propels each show. Varietè has its roots in the Music Halls of 19th century England. It evolved into Cabaret in Europe, and Vaudeville in America. Because of the talented artists currently working in this genre, it is still fresh, exciting, and tremendous fun for the audience. Word of this springtime event’s amenable audiences and the artist’s camaraderie has spread around the USA and beyond, enhancing the festival’s reputation as the major event for this lasting form of entertainment. Ninety percent of The Moisture Festival shows are all ages/family friendly, not to say puritanical. Some late night adult varietè and burlesque shows flirt with more spice.

The festival’s origins are in Fremont and performances at Hale’s Palladium will run the length of the festival. Since 2004, The Moisture Festival has presented this form of theater to celebrate Spring.

Check out the full schedule, more information on venues, performances over at the Moisture Festival website. You can purchase tickets to any of the events at any of the venues at Brown Paper Tickets.

Photo: Moisture Festival

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