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Upper Fremont Avenue North Considered One Of Seattle’s Best Neighborhoods

By master · March 1st, 2011 · No Comments

With its Trolls and giant Russian dudes and new restaurants and plentiful nightlife, “South” Fremont is usually what people point to when they want to show off our neighborhood. Seattle Magazine could have easily just named all of Fremont as one of Seattle’s Best Neighborhoods when it came up with its list. Instead, they specifically called out the unheralded “Upper Fremont Avenue North” aka Fremont Village section of the neighborhood as one the city’s best.

Seattle Mag calls the area between North 41st and North 45th streets as a “Seattle nouveau hippie haven.”They point out that while the neighborhood has lost some longtime businesses recently, it’s also gaining new blood.

The demise last fall of the much loved Buckaroo Tavern, serving suds since 1938, probably garnered Upper Fremont (also called Fremont Village) its most press ever, but this short sidewalk strip just up the hill from the main attractions of Fremont is more deserving of a visit than ever. Along with staples such as Hansen’s Florist, Brad’s Swingside Cafe and Marketime Foods are several other attractions—some new, some well established.

As a resident of the area myself, I think this section of Fremont is just beginning to go through a renaissance. As Fremont Abbey continues to establish itself, the restaurants around it grow and the few remaining empty spaces should get filled. Looking forward to seeing where this tiny section of Fremont goes from here.

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