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History House Wants Fremont To Be Prepared

By master · February 23rd, 2011 · No Comments

There’s a lot of emergencies in life that can happen in an instant. Be it a stove fire or an earthquake, it pays to be prepared and History House wants to help Fremonsters be ready for anything.

HH has three community programs it wants you to be aware of.

1. History House has established an Emergency Preparedness Help Desk in our Gift Shop/lobby, which is stocked (or being stocked) with brochures from:

Seattle Police Dept., Seattle Fire Dept., Seattle Dept. of Emergency Operations, King County Emergency Operations, State of WA Emegency Operations, Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA)

2. History House is hosting a Community Emergency Preparedness meeting on the last Thursday of each month at 4pm. The next meeting is this Thursday, February 24th.

3. History House, on behalf of Fremont/ Wallingford, is participating in a cutting-edge program for developing neighborhood self-reliance in times of citywide emergencies. Current participants include West Seattle, Magnolia/Queen Anne, Capital Hill, Wallingford/Fremont/Green Lake. The project is being coordinated – but not led by – the City of Seattle. This involves neighborhoods identifying their own resources and making a plan to implement during times of crisis – big or small. (Ed. Note: such as a snowstorm…ahem…)

This program is being developed because of the belief by most professionals in the field of the probability that when a citywide emergency hits… and we call 911… no one will answer the phone.

We request your consideration to participate and volunteer.

If you have any questions about the programs or want to get involved, reached out to John Nordstrand (john at historyhouse dot org).

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