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Fremont’s Ernst Park Is Getting An Upgrade

By master · February 8th, 2011 · No Comments

If you’ve ever walked past that steeply-sloping patch of grass next to the Fremont Library and thought to yourself, “Man, I’ve got some really great ideas for what to do with that,” you’re in luck.

That patch of grass is actually Ernst Park, named for Ambrose Ernst, a Fremont resident known as the “Father of City Playfields.” Pour out a little Powerade for Ambrose next time you’re playing some adult dodgeball.

The City of Seattle recently purchased the property west of the park, currently a vacant lot, and will use that space to expand Ernst.

As for what they’re going to do, well, that’s where you come in. The City wants to hear your ideas for developing this space. Think it should be an elaborate child’s playground? How bout an elaborate adult’s playground? Maybe we should just have a guy stand there stacking Jenga pieces as high as he can until they fall, at which point he starts over and continues to do so 24 hours a day. We can literally suggest ANYTHING!

The easiest ways to get your ideas across are to email the Fremont Neighborhood Council at fremont.neighborhood.council at gmail dot com or attend their Feb. 28 meeting.

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