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Fremont Author Teaches You All About ‘Faking Smart’

By master · February 7th, 2011 · No Comments

Why get smart when you can just fake smart?

That’s the idea behind Faking Smart!: Get Hired, Get Promoted and Become a V.P. in Six Short Weeks—GUARANTEED! by Karl Wolfbrooks Ager Ph.D. (hon.) and Fremont author Martin Fossum.

From the moment you open this book you will see that the FSRI (Faking Smart! Research Institute) has it all figured out.  First, learn the skills of surviving an interview… then learn how to pimp your cubicle and transform your workspace into an office fortress!  Later, unveil the secrets of workspace Zen and get expert training on comedic timing and the pratfall.  In six short weeks, after you’ve attained the position of V.P. at your firm, you’ll be able to call your friend and say, “Hey, guess what?  I just became a V.P.!”

Co-author Martin Fossum took some time to answer a couple questions about the book and living in Fremont.

Tell us a little bit about the book and who it’s for.

This book is for just about anybody who has some time to waste. Actually, if you’re interested in buying a book that will help you with your career, I’d try something else. Who Moved My Cheese, might be a better option. If you do buy this book, however, and find that it helps you with your career, then that’s totally awesome!

What kind of personal experiences do you bring with you in writing a book about such quick career growth?

I worked for a number of Fortune 100 firms back in the roaring 1990s. For one company I flew all over the country asking bankers and investment firms questions about mutual funds and annuities. That job was at times hedonistically exhilarating (the time spent between meetings)… but later it got to be Holy-smoke boring. The turkey club sandwich at the LAX Sheraton is only good the first five times you order it. I also worked at while it was going through its IPO. It’s predominantly from these experiences that I have gleaned my sense of corporate humor.

How long have you lived in Fremont and what are you favorite spots?

I’ve lived in Fremont for about six years. Before that, Ballard. Before that, Queen Anne. I’m not sure, but I think my next radical step with be in the direction of Wallingford. There seems to be good folk over there.

As for my spot of choice in Fremont… it hast to be Cafe Ladro and the five-star staff that brews up my morning lattes.

Where can people find the book, online and in town?

You can find my book on Amazon, or you can wonder over to Fremont Place Book Co. and demand a copy.

Any special events, readings or signings coming up?

No readings to date, but when they go down I’ll post times on my blog ( and through other mass media outlets that my publishing empire controls.

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