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Fremont First Friday Artwalk This Week

By master · February 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

This Friday, February 4th, is the first Friday of the month. Hence, it’s time for Fremont First Friday Artwalk.

Tons of different exhibits, shows and in-person events to be checked out. Here’s a sampling…

509 Winery and Tasting Room – Seattle’s Urban Winery (1300 N Northlake Way) – Casey Brookbush, Paintings
Two years ago, drummer Casey Brookbush left his band of six years to vigorously pursue his own painting career. His subject matter? Musicians and other celebrities.  “Having been a part of the music scene for years, painting is another way to share my connection to and love for music. It’s essentially therapy. I come home, crank up the rock and pull out my brushes.”

EVO Timesinfinity Art Gallery (122 NW 36th St.) – Ride Snowboard’s 9th Annual Snowboard Art Contest
Join us as we announce the winners of Ride Snowboard’s 9th Annual Snowboard Art Contest! Artists from around the world compete to have their art featured on a Ride Snowboard and the $1000 cash prize that comes with it.  All of this year’s entries will be on display in the gallery, and will remain on view for the entire month of February.

Fremont Brewing Co. (3409 Woodland Park Ave N.) – Kate Tesch, Paintings
This series of paintings deals with the universal human condition of aging.  From expressions of wonder on a newborn’s face to those sculpted into the face of an old man, the landmarks of the past and the expressions of the unknown future are remarkably displayed in our faces.  Kate Tesch is a self-taught artist who lives, plays and paints in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.

Hub And Bespoke (513 N. 36th St., Seattle WA 98103) – Emily Alice Peck, Encaustic Paintings
Emily Alice Peck’s work is encaustic art, using wax, heat, and pigment.  She tells us that she started developing her technique almost 3 years ago:    “The canvas built of wood, using plaster/fresco base, color oil pastels, acrylic, oil, milk and clay paints.  The lines are etched, and finished with layers of wax.”  For Emily “the hands are connected to the heart”.

Image: Casey Brookbush

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