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Seattle Still Expects Snowfall Wednesday Night

By master · December 29th, 2010 · No Comments

2010 Snowpocalpyse 2.0 didn’t exactly happen in Seattle today. It certainly didn’t happen in Fremont, where a few people reported slight dustings here and there but that’s about it.

However, it looks like the forecasts were just a little jumpy. Seattle still expects some snow tonight and the SDOT is planning accordingly.

SDOT crews will continue patrolling and treating streets in the north end of Seattle today as needed although streets for the most part remain bare and wet.

Temperatures are forecast to drop below freezing early this evening with the possibility of up to one inch of snow or freezing rain. Crews will be out throughout the city to treat major arterial streets as needed and in preparation for the evening commute. Night crews will continue this work depending on conditions.

Drivers are advised to slow down this evening and tomorrow morning, and be prepared for ice, especially on bridges and other elevated structures.

If it does snow, try to stay out of your cars. If you do have to use your cars, try to stay away from any hills. You don’t want to end up on YouTube, do you?

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