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Winter Solstice Feast Tonight In Fremont

By master · December 21st, 2010 · No Comments

For the summer solstice, Fremonsters like to take off all their clothing and ride their bikes around town in a care-free and whimsical manner.

For the winter solstice, we just like to chill out and eat.  Fair enough.

The Fremont Arts Council’s Winter Solstice Feast is tonight. The event is invitation-only, so you probably already know if you’re going or not. The invitations are good for two people, so if you’re not invited, find someone who is and tag along. Or you could become a FAC member, that’ll work too.

If you do attend, you’ll need to bring $10 and a dish to share with everyone else.

The site is the old Ballard Public Library, on 24th NW between 57th and 58th. Same place as last year, a beautiful building for us, if a bit cozy! just makes us all get a little closer together.

The Feast is a volunteer appreciation party, a fundraiser and a celebration of the longest night of the year. The money goes to a great cause and everyone has a great time.

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