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Fremont Medical Marijuana Dispensary Robbed

By master · December 10th, 2010 · No Comments

Purple Cross Patient Care, a medical marijuana dispensary located at 469 36th Street, was robbed Monday and thieves made off with more than 10 pounds of pot and a laptop. Fremont KOMO has the story…

Surveillance video shows two men lingering in the clinic waiting for another patient to leave. Once he departs, one thief locks the front door, and then the two engage in conversation with [volunteer Josh] Salyards.

When Salyards turns to get something from the back of the clinic, one man – and then the other – jump the small counter that separates a waiting area from the clinic office. One of the men punches Salyards several times in the head, as the other ransacks the clinic’s safe.

“Just take what you want. I don’t want any trouble,” Salyards is heard saying on the tape.

“I don’t have anything!” he continues. “Dude, please, just leave!”

To his credit, Salyards returned to work the next morning despite being in shock.

In a surprising twist, one of the robbers apologized and returned half the pot and the laptop a few days later. He may turn himself in today as well. The robbers are seen in full view via security cameras (see below).

Check out the full report at Fremont KOMO and be a little nicer to Josh next time you’re picking up your medical marijuana.

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