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SUV Passenger Pulls Handgun On Pedestrian In Fremont

By master · December 2nd, 2010 · No Comments

If you’re going to take a late-night walk in Fremont, best to do it as far away from Aurora Blvd. as possible. The latest proof comes to us from with a report of an SUV passenger pulling a handgun on a pedestrian at 43rd and Linden.

According to police, the man was on 43rd and Linden at about 11:30pm on November 27 when he saw a dark-colored Chevy Suburban drive down the street next to him.

The man “looked over at the vehicle to make sure the vehicle would not [hit] him,” a police report says, and turned to walk north on Linden.

The man then saw the driver of the Suburban back up, and turn to follow him up Linden.

The car slowly pulled up alongside the victim, and a man in the backseat of the SUV pointed a handgun at the victim and asked “do you have a f*****g problem?”

Cooler heads prevailed, the car drove off and the victim called 911. Unfortunately, he was unable to identify the license plate and police were unable to find the vehicle or suspects.

Buddy system on the late-night jaunts, you guys.

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