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The Phantom Chorus Of North Fremont

By master · December 2nd, 2010 · No Comments

Last night I made my late-night run to Marketime for some chocolate when I noticed a particular sound in the air. It sounded like a chorus of some kind and they were singing what seemed to be holiday songs. And it sounded close-by.

I was on Evanston walking North and no matter where I went, the sound of the chorus was equally strong, be it at 41st or 44th. As I headed over the Fremont Ave. and the market, the sound didn’t dissipate at all.

I thought maybe it was coming from the Abbey but upon further inspection that place was silent. I continued to make my way back and heard the chorus yet again. My instinct told me it was coming from the elementary school but I can’t be certain. At any given moment it sounded like it was coming from all four directions.

So I have come to two conclusions…

1. There is a phantom chorus that haunts North Fremont. Throughout December, it appears and puts on a spectral show of delight for the Fremonsters of today just like it did when they were still alive in 1885.¬† What happened to this old timey chorus, no one knows…

2. There was some kind of choral show or practice I didn’t know about.

Anyone want to take a side on this one? Otherwise, I’m going to spend every night hunting the chorus ghosts with an infrared camera and EMF detector until I get my answer.

Update: Sounds like it was the Argosy Cruises Christmas Ship, which features choirs signing as it makes its way across Puget Sound.¬† Very cool, but I still like the ghost theory better… (H/T: McLean & Tracy)

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