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What’s Open In Fremont On Thanksgiving?

By master · November 24th, 2010 · No Comments

Let’s face it, tomorrow one of two things is going to happen. You’re going to need a coffee fix or you’re going to realize you need some kind of gluten-free ingredient for your Thanksgiving meal. Here’s a list of all the major spots in town that will, and won’t, be available for you.

OPEN Thanksgiving Day

Markettime Grocery: 6am to 4pm

Starbucks: 6am to 3pm

Peet’s Coffee: 7am to 3pm

Caffe Ladro: 6am to 2pm

Caffe Vita: 8am to 2pm

Lighthouse: 6am to 12pm

Essentials that will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day


Blue Moon Burger

I wasn’t able to get confirmations from Fremont Coffee or Roxy’s Diner. If you happen to swing by and catch their hours, please add to the comments below.

Here’s the list for Wallingford as well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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