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Warning about rash of car break-ins

By master · November 12th, 2010 · No Comments

Reader Christy asked us to pass along this warning after her car was broken into in Woodland Park on Tuesday (11/9).  The thieves made off with her credit cards and managed to use them at a few stores before she canceled them.

I filed a police report, and the officer I’ve been dealing with said there were a rash of car break-ins that day (smash-and-grab style). They thought they had a lead when they got security camera footage from the gas station where they used my card; while they got a plate number, it turned out to be stolen. These people know what they’re doing.

I’ve talked to several people who’ve had things stolen from cars recently; it’s probably a good time to remind residents to not leave anything in a car, even for two minutes and even if the car is locked (as was the case for me).

Also, the thieves were able to use my cards even though they were obviously not me (I don’t know any men named Christy!) and didn’t have my PIN number.

If people in Fremont keep their eyes peeled for any strange activity (the break-ins happened in the middle of the day), maybe we can catch these guys. They know what they’re doing; who knows how many people they’ve ripped off.

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