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Man attacked and robbed on Phinney Ave.

By master · September 27th, 2010 · No Comments

A man says he was attacked and robbed by a group of people as he walked down the 3600 block of Phinney Avenue.  It happened around 3am this past Saturday (9/25).  The victim says the group came up behind him and one man punched him in the face.  The victim’s wallet, with about $270 in cash, was then stolen.  The victim had swelling on his forehead but declined to go to the hospital.  Police conducted a search of the area but believe the attackers jumped in a cab and possibly headed to one of the motels on Aurora Avenue.

The victim said the man who hit him was dressed like a pimp, wearing a Kangol hat and tinted glasses.  One officer thought it could be a man he’d had contact with earlier in the evening and showed the victim a picture.  The victim said the man in the picture was indeed the person who punched him.  You can read the full police report below.

On 09/25/10 I was on marked patrol as 3-John-21. At 0321 Hrs I was

dispatched to a Robbery call at 36 Phinney Av N. Across the street a male

was assaulted by another male, one was down. The suspects were last seen

east on N 36 ST.

When I arrived on scene I contacted the victim, he was crouched down on the

ground holding his head. I noticed a large bump on his forehead (Red in

color and swelling). A witness was standing next to the victim.

According to the caller, W was in his room across the street. He

heard a loud commotion outside his window, he looked out and saw a group of

guys with one on the ground. W called 911 to report a fight at 36

Phinney Av N. When he went outside he saw the suspects flee the scene

towards N 36 St and possibly got into a cab.

The victim was identified as V/ According to him he was walking on N

36 St and Phinney Av N. He started to walk north on Phinney Av N, when he

noticed a group of men walking up behind him he turned around to see what

the guys wanted. One of the males did not say anything to him and just

punched him in the face with a closed fist. V/ fell to the ground,

once on the ground one of the males grabbed his wallet and took $270.00

dollars worth of cash. V/ did not remember too much about the

incident, according to him it happed really fast.

V described the male that attacked him as an unknown race male

dressed like a pimp (Not white), wearing a black jacket and black jeans, he

was wearing a Kangol style hat and some tinted glasses. V/ described

one of the accomplices as a black female wearing a white T-shirt and tight

blue jeans. V/ went further in description of the black female as

having a large rear end. V/ stated he would be able to recognize the

male that punched him and took his money.

Other officers responding to the call conducted an area check for the

suspects. It was determined the suspects caught a cab from the

area and was dropped off in near N 46 ST and Aurora AV N. Suspects were not

located in the area and possibly fled into one of the Aurora motels.

V description of the man that attacked him was similar to a male that

I contacted earlier in the night in the area ( N36 St/Greenwood Av N). The

male was DOB 79. S/ was wearing a dark suit with

black pants, he had on a Kangol style hat with tinted glasses. I pulled up

S photo on my in car MDT and showed the photo to V . When

V/ saw the photo he said, “F–k yeah that is him!” S/ was not

contacted and questioned about the robbery.
Seattle Fire treated V/ at the scene and advised V/ to go to the
hospital. V/ declined and said he did not want to go to the hospital
due to his insurance coverage. V/ was taken to his residence and was
left with a DOB 85. I advised W/ she should
take V/ to the hospital, she replied she would talk to V and
take him to the hospital later.
A card and case number was given to the victim.



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