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Repairing the scene of a tragedy

By master · August 25th, 2010 · No Comments

“The sad feeling is every day.”

That’s how a next door resident describes constantly seeing a burned out Fremont townhome unit where a young woman and four children died in a fire on June 12.  Now we’ve learned the Seattle Housing Authority, which owns the property, is planning to make repairs to the unit.

The scene now at 334 NW 41st Street in Fremont

Yellow tape still surrounds the front of the townhome and plywood covers the windows.  One resident next door tells us there’s been no sign of repair work since the fire.  Another neighbor across the street tells us at least one family in the townhome complex has moved out in the wake of the blaze. 

According to the construction permit, the damaged unit will be repaired to its original configuration.  We’ve put in several requests for more information from the Seattle Housing Authority, but they have not provided any additional details. 

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