August 4

‘Hunger’ opens its doors on Fremont Avenue



A little over a month after we first told you that Persimmon Cafe was being replaced by a new restaurant, Hunger has opened its doors at 4256 Fremont Ave.  We stopped by today for a personal tour from owner Brian Brooks.

The place is intimate and cozy, perhaps the reason why so many couples have been showing up.

“We’ve seen a lot of people out for date night,” said Brooks.

Hunger boasts a new bar and kitchen, where co-owner and chef Jaime Mullins was busy cutting up some fresh produce that was bought from Pike Place Market just this morning.  The menu is Mediterranean inspired with dishes such as paella, smoked lamb, and braised boar. 

Brooks tells us businesses has been very brisk in the first few weeks and word of mouth seems to be drawing a lot of customers from the immediate neighborhood.


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