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Nickerson Street Diet: Day 1

By master · July 26th, 2010 · No Comments

This was supposed to be the first day of work on the controversial Nickerson Street diet. But as of 11am, there was no sign of any work being done at all.

SDOT update at 2:30pm: The contractor plans to mobilize today and set up the no parking signs. Either this afternoon or tomorrow they will begin preliminary layout of the new channelization.  Once they have completed the preliminary layout, SDOT will review and approve the layout prior to the permanent pavement markings.  Grinding or removal of the existing pavement markings and installation of the permanent pavement markings are scheduled to begin on Monday, August 2.

The first phase of work also involves putting in new concrete panels at Etruria Street and new curb ramps in various locations. Then, crews will resurface the asphalt pavement on Nickerson between Etruria Street and 4th Avenue North. Once the paving project is finished, Nickerson will get a facelift that has divided the community.

The scene today.

Between Warren Avenue N and 13th Avenue W, the new roadway will have only one driving lane in each direction and a center two-way turn lane. There will be an uphill bicycle lane, and a downhill sharrow. Pedestrian crossing improvements, including new marked crosswalks, will be installed at 12th Avenue W, Cremona Street, and Dravus Street.

Normal working hours will be between 7am and 4pm. Grinding off the top layer of asphalt and repaving of the roadway is expected to occur at night and is scheduled to take a total of 3 days during the first and second weeks in August. Here is the work schedule:

  • July 26 until first week of August – New concrete panels at Etruria Street and new curb ramps in various locations
  • Two days during the first week of August – Asphalt grinding (pavement removal)
  • First and second weeks of August — Roadway base repairs and utility adjustments
  • One day later in the week of August 9 – 13: Asphalt pavement overlay
  • First three to four weeks of August – Remove and replace channelization/pavement striping
  • Last part of August – Finalize work and clean up

You can follow the project on SDOT’s webpage.

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