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Violence continues at Aurora motels

By master · July 16th, 2010 · No Comments reported the serious injury of a man beaten over an argument about drugs at the Wallingford Inn, 44th and Aurora, on Wednesday night just before 9 p.m.

Officers found a man on the ground with a “golf-ball sized bump” on his head and a “significant amount of blood coming from his mouth,” laying next to a silver-multi tool and a pair of shoes, a police report says.

“I heard the sound of him gargling his own blood,” Officer Adam Beatty wrote in his report. “I feared he might suffocate and gently rolled him onto his side.”

A woman at the scene told police the victim had been in a fight with another man, who had run across Aurora, jumped over the median, and fled southbound.

Police later found and arrested the suspect.

Wallingford Inn is one of the motels owned by Dean and Jill Inman. It’s one of four motels on Aurora that are to be sold by the end of August¬†¬†or leased to non-profit groups for use as low-income housing or emergency shelter in accordance with a plea agreement in April.

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