May 11

Borrow a “Kill a Watt” meter from SPL



Over the years, I’ve been impressed with the innovations at Seattle Public Library – the wifi, checking out MP3 players, various programs – but this latest offering is especially pertinent for our energy and budget conscious times: “Kill A Watt” home energy monitors.

The Seattle Public Library and Seattle City Light have teamed up to make the monitors available to Library cardholders at all Library locations.

Library patrons can borrow a device with their library card, just as they would with books, DVD’s, etc. Plug it into an electrical outlet to find out the cost of running refrigerators, computers, TVs and other home appliances. The monitor measures the electric consumption of small to medium household electronic devices and appliances, and can even help discover which appliances drain energy even when they’re not on. (It’s a good way to get in the habit of unplugging chargers not in use!)

Don’t have a library card? Getting one will barely take any energy. Applications are available in person at all Library locations or online. Select “Using the Library” from the top menu, and click on “Get Started” to learn how to sign up for a Library card, access your account online, and more.

For more information about borrowing a Kill A Watt device, call The Seattle Public Library at 206-386-4636. To learn more about how to save energy, contact Seattle City Light’s Conservation Help Line at 206-684-3800, or visit the website.


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