May 7

Just in time for Mother’s Day: “Mamas With Cameras” first show



While you’re out and about tonight perusing Fremont First Friday Art Walk, here’s one choice for your viewing pleasure, coinciding nicely with Mother’s Day: the first “Mamas with Cameras” exhibit called “Through the Eyes of a Mother” at Studio R in Fremont (315 N. 36th St.).

There are over 70 photos in the exhibit, and they will be hanging in Studio R throughout May.

We have a feeling this group will become very popular, considering how many parents love to snap photos of their progeny. They have been meeting for almost a year now and usually there are about 20-25 mamas at each meeting. Here’s a shot from founding photog Mary Balmaceda:

Photo by Mary Balmaceda

To learn more about this Seattle-based group, check out the blog. From Balmaceda:

“Mamas with Cameras” is a community of shutter-happy mamas who share a love of photography. Our goal is for all members to develop the ability to take amazing digital photos that document cherished family moments and milestones. We host monthly meetings at Studio R in Fremont that are open to all interested mamas- we hope you’ll be inspired to pick up your camera and join us!


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