April 6

Expect the unexpected at Coming Soon…



Passing by, you may have noticed the writing on the wall of 3623 Fremont Ave N, literally.  Big green letters that spell Coming Soon… are kind of hard to miss.  Turns out that Coming Soon… has officially, well, come. 

Coming Soon ext

Owner Jessica Park describes Coming Soon… as a retail pop-up installation space that’s more than just a gallery.  She says, “This is about transforming the space.”  Inspired by pop-up stores in New York City where retailers set up shop for short terms, the concept behind Coming Soon… is to showcase various forms of art in unexpected and ever-changing ways.  One day it might be musicians playing in the window.  Another day might feature a designer’s new handbag collection.  Who will show up and for how long is left for surprise and confusion. 

Coming Soon 

Park adds, “We’re like a theater house and we’re just showcasing these performers.”  Ironically, the first pieces of art that popped up at Coming Soon… are pop-up designs from interior design students.  But don’t wait too long if you want to see them.  A sentence from the writing on the window explains it best – “The temporary is our only constant.”  And you never know when something else is going to pop up.


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