January 29

Artist wanted to design 46th Street mural



A project that recently received a Small and Simple Neighborhood Matching Fund award from the City of Seattle is seeking an artist(s) to design a mural for a wall that literally bridges the neighborhoods of Fremont and Wallingford.  The 46th Street Mural Project is looking for a design that will “bring a positive visual message to pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists traveling under Highway 99 (Aurora Ave.) at N. 46th St.” 

The wall is located on the north side of the underpass at N. 46th St. and Aurora Ave N.  The space is described as “a long wall divided in to 3 sections that taper on both east and west ends– mural design also to include 9 columns that stand in front of the mural wall”. 

  • Dimensions–approx. 4500 sq. ft. total (see pictures + diagram)
  • West section: approx.1000 sq. ft.
  • Middle section: approx.1300 sq. ft.
  • East section: approx.1200 sq. ft.
  • 9 columns: approx. 100 sq. ft. ea.

Once a design is selected, Urban Artworks will serve as project manager and do the actual painting of the mural.  At this time, the 46th Street Mural Project is only looking for an artist to design the wall.

Professional artists with previous experience creating outdoor murals are preferable, but all may apply. Artist will be required to be present at the community meeting (early in the process) and dedication (at the completion of the mural) unless distance is prohibitive. If this occurs, an alternative plan will be discussed with the 46th Street Mural Project Steering Committee. The artist must be available for consultation pertaining to the execution of their design throughout the process.  

More information and specifics about the selection process can be found on the group’s Facebook page.  Artist applications are due by February 19.  Anyone interested in applying should submit work samples, resume and references to 46thstmural@gmail.com.  The project is slated to begin in May.


46th Street Mural Project, mural, public art

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