December 16

‘Winter Fun’ means free zoo admission



Winter break is just around the corner so for a fun activity the Woodland Park Zoo is giving free admission to the kids.  All you have to do is mention “Winter Fun” at the ticket counter and one child 12 and under gets in free with every paying adult. 


(Photo by Dennis Dow)

The six-month-old snow leopard cubs are a favorite this time of year.  Of course there are plenty of other exhibits to fill a day, even if it is a rainy one.

Discover the “hot” and “cold” spots during your adventure. The warm, humid Tropical Rain Forest offers an escape from the chill where you’ll encounter ocelots, tropical birds and snakes. Snow leopards frolic in Australasia, and grizzlies, wolves, elk and more live in the award-winning Northern Trail where the animals here are in their element – the cold! Experience a slice of desert life in the heated Day Exhibit, featuring a gallery of smaller-scale exhibits with amphibians and reptiles. And “bump into” nature’s night shift in the Night Exhibit where two-toed sloths, prosimians and fruit bats hang around. For more winter fun, ask for a Rainy Day Tour map at the entrance.

The zoo’s Winter Fun offer begins this Saturday, December 19, and runs through January 3.  For winter hours and more information, go to their website here.


Woodland Park Zoo

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