October 4

4th annual pet blessing at Fremont Troll



A small group of pet owners gathered at the foot of the Fremont Troll today for the 4th annual St. Francis Day Pet Blessing.  The ceremony is in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi, who is known as the patron saint of animals and the environment in the Catholic church. 


Abbess Karen Ward of Church of the Apostles led the ceremony, which included a short reading and prayer, followed by a song and sprinkling of the animals.  She says, “It’s completely appropriate to bless pets since they bring so much happiness to people.” 


Maddy brought her 2-year-old ferret, Pockets, for its first blessing, adding, “How much more Fremont can you get, blessing your pet ferret at the Troll?”


Today also marked the church’s first drive-by pet blessing.

Church of the Apostles will be doing a special St. Francis Day blessing at tonight’s worship service if anyone missed this afternoon’s ceremony.  The service begins at 5pm at the Fremont Abbey.  Animals of all kind are welcome.


pet blessing, St. Francis Day

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