July 15

Neighbors plan improvements around Troll



Updated: A group of concerned neighbors gathered at the Troll Wednesday evening to brainstorm ways to enhance the green spaces around the Fremont landmark. Some of the ideas included turning it into a park, planting a pea patch, adding lighting, installing seating and adorning it with community art.

The land is owned by the city, and it’s larger than it appears from the street.

On the left, a trail leads to a flat space, currently occupied by a small homeless camp. Neighbors say that WSDOT crews occasionally park their equipment there while working on the Aurora Bridge. Together, both sections of land total about two acres, covered with heavy brush and blackberries.

Neighbors say that there have been a few attempts over the years to spruce up the area, but they’ve been unsuccessful. “I like a challenge,” says Kimberly Scrivner, a neighbor who decided to head up the new project. “I think right now the momentum is right. People are excited. People are willing to participate in the community.” The goal is to compile neighbors’ feedback into a grant application for neighborhood matching funds. Scrivner also suggested engaging the local business community. “It sounds like (Google) is the type of company that might support this type of thing,” she said. “I’m hopeful.”

You can fill out an online survey with your suggestions, and coming August 22nd, volunteers will remove blackberries, trim the brush and plant trees.


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