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Fremont settled in for snow

By master · December 20th, 2008 · No Comments

Despite the forecast, many Fremont businesses were still open on Saturday. Peet’s is serving coffee, 35th Street Bistro is open for lunch, and the Wine Warehouse is holding its holiday wine tasting on schedule. It seems like the only place closed for the weather is the library, but many businesses are making adjustments for the weather- 35th Street Bistro was seating patrons primarily on one side of the restaurant, where the heaters are, for instance.

Some of the side streets are closed, like this one which has been blocked by a taxi that apparently hit a parked car, but Fremont Ave. is still running, though much less busy than usual. And, amazingly, there is parking to be found in downtown Fremont- it’s certainly not 75 percent full today. The snow has finally started falling, however, and many Fremonsters are settling in for another round of winter weather. Stay safe, Fremont!

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