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Ice and snow reroutes for Fremont buses

By master · December 18th, 2008 · No Comments

Due to the weather, some of the bus routes in Fremont are operating on snow routes or have been cancelled altogether. The 5, 26, 28, 30, 31, 46 and 82 all run through downtown Fremont. Only the 26 is operating on its normal route. The 31 and 46 have been suspended entirely.

The rest of the routes seem to be running through downtown Fremont just fine- they have been rerouted elsewhere along their paths.

The 5 is currently operating on a snow reroute, going to Shoreline only, not Northgate. The 28 is only going to N. 85th St. The 30 seems to be running its normal route from the U-District to Fremont, but has been rerouted to avoid the hill on 40th going from Fremont to the U-District- it is instead operating along 45th heading east. No word yet on the 82- it’s a late-night route.

If you know of any unannounced reroutes (the 30, for instance has not been announced on the Metro site, but was shared with me by a driver this evening), or have any information to add, please leave a comment. For updated service information, please check the Metro website.

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