October 30

Halloween Happenings in Fremont



Fremont is known for its “whimsical counterculture” — at least if you believe the New York Times (see the post below) — and one of the best times to take that in is during Halloween, when for a day, counterculture is on full display. Among the Halloween events in Fremont, there’s a costume extravaganza, a burlesque carnival and a mass gathering of Carnivale-style revelers who parade through neighborhood streets. Here are the details:

  • Boo- A costume extravaganza and fundraiser for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce at Fremont Studios. The 21+ dance party will feature costume contests, a full bar, and a cigar lounge.
  • Circus Contraption’s Blowout Bash– The one-ring circus’ 10th annual Scary! Insane!! Blowout Bash is sold out, but you may be able to find tickets on Craigslist, etc. The burlesque carnival will feature aerialists, clowns, ninjas, and a seance. This event, held in Theo Chocolate’s building is also 21+.
  • Trolloween- An unpublicized gathering of costumed Fremonsters has been going on for 18 years, and will feature a free performance put together by the Fremont Arts Council. Sources say the crowd gathers at 7, and will disappear like aether shortly after the performance to parade through Fremont. Samba dance lessons will commence, and the evening will end with a dance under the Fremont Bridge.

If you have any Halloween haunts to add, please leave us a comment or e-mail tips@fremontuniverse.com


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