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Have you heard? It’s time to GiveBig!

May 6th, 2014 by master

Many folks may have heard from the various organizations they participate with or donate to about today’s Seattle-wide fundraiser, GiveBig. The Seattle Foundation, a community foundation whose mission is “to foster powerful and rewarding philanthropy to make King County a stronger, more vibrant community for all” puts on this annual event.


GiveBig is a one-day (May 6th this year) charitable giving event conducted completely online and benefitting over 1,600 nonprofits in the region. Why not just donate to the organizations? For each donation (up to $5,000 per individual) made before midnight tonight to a non-profit, that non-profit will receive “a prorated portion of The Seattle Foundation’s matching funds, or “stretch pool.” The amount of the “stretch” depends on how much is raised in total donations on GiveBIG day.” Donors also have the option to donate directly to the “stretch pool” if they aren’t sure which organization to contribute to.

The “stretch pool” has a limited amount of funds (depending on how many donate) so the amount the Seattle Foundation matches varies. In 2013 the “stretch pool” grew from $850,000 to $1 million over the course of one day! Along with organization-specific donations the online campaign generated $11.1 million in contributions last year.

Some Fremont-area organizations participating in GiveBig are:

Fremont Community School

Fremont Abbey Arts Center

Fremont Community Therapy Project

The Moisture Festival

Stone Soup Theater

APRIL Small Press and Independent Literature Festival

Facing Homelessness

Literacy Source (previously written by Fremont Universe here)

The Seattle Public Library

Solid Ground (formerly the Fremont Public Association)

There are hundreds of other wonderful organizations listed in the Seattle Foundation’s Giving Center. Many of these are grouped into categories such as Basic Needs, Neighborhoods & Communities, Environment, and (probably a Fremont favorite) Arts & Culture.

Whether it’s giving to your favorite non-profit, one you just learned about, or contributing to the “stretch pool” let’s all GiveBig today!

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Seattle due for a sunny week!

April 28th, 2014 by master

As many people’s allergies will tell you, it has been a lovely spring, showers included. Seattle has been in full bloom, the grass has gone haywire, and we have seen some dramatic skies. There have been clouds of course, many of them dark and delivering downpours, but the temperatures have remained rather temperate and Seattlites appear eager to be outside again.

This week forecasters are calling for not just sun (note it is forecasted to be “Sunny” not just “Mostly Sunny” for a few days!) but also warmer temperatures. Get ready to bare that sun-deprived skin, dig out your sunglasses, and enjoy!

Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 12.44.13 PM

Forecast from the National Weather Service.

What are you going to do during this nice weather? BBQ, sun bathe, swim, build something awesome?! Share your plans with us on our Facebook page!


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Theo Chocolate recognized for Setting a Sustainable Example

March 6th, 2014 by master

Sustainable Seattle, an organization focused on the “long-term health and sustainability of Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound region” recently recognized individuals, businesses, and community partners who are “raising the bar” as leaders in sustainability. Fremont’s own Theo Chocolate, you can often catch a whiff of their pungent production from as far away as Wallingford, was recognized in this group.


The Sustainable Leadership Awards have been presented since 2001 in a variety of categories. Candidates are nominated by members of the community, all those that meet the basic criteria will be considered by judges who are also community members.

Theo was one of three businesses that received awards this year. The other recipients included Landis+Gyr, the “Significant Newcomer” and Seattle Steam Co. the “Creative Solution.” Sustainable Seattle recognized Theo as “Setting an Example” specifically for “modeling leadership through emphasizing education and transparency.”

This adds to the ever growing list of awards Theo Chocolate has received both for their tasty treats as well as their unique business practices. Find out more about Theo’s mission here. Perhaps the next time you catch a whiff of chocolate in the making it will smell extra good knowing they do things differently.

Other fun Theo things:

Care to drool over some non-candy confections? Check out Theo’s blog!

In the neighborhood? Grab a chocolate bar right at the source! You can visit Theo’s Factory Store Monday-Sunday 10am-6pm, after hours you can still get your Theo fix at the Fremont PCC.

Haven’t taken the tour? You probably need to don a hairnet and play tourist for the day. Factory tour information can be found here.

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Seahawks Celebrations To Continue

February 3rd, 2014 by master

Courtesy of the Space Needle's Facebook.

Courtesy of the Space Needle’s Facebook.

While the City of Seattle gives its residents a friendly reminder to behave (really we’re just incredibly enthusiastic fans!), preparations move forward for the Seahawks Victory Parade on Wednesday February 5th from 11:00AM-1:30PM.

For more information about the route of the parade which ends at Century Link field, take a peak here. Unfortunately the Hawks won’t be coming by to celebrate with the Troll so Fremonsters will have to make the trip Downtown.

Congratulations Seahawks!

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