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Dog-centric in the Center of the Universe

August 28th, 2014 by master

There are plenty of happy pooches in Seattle during the summer! They get to run, swim, and explore with their owners often with plenty of panting involved. However, most owners have to return to work after the weekend or maybe can’t venture as far as their pup would like to. For dogs who don’t enjoy spending all that extra time  inside, Fremont-based Jogs for Dogs offers an innovative solution. Jogs for Dogs (or JFD) pairs and coordinates payment between dog owners with runners to get dogs out and exercising.

Jogs for Dogs was founded by Brendan Fahey during his time at the University of Washington. An avid runner and dog lover Brendan began running dogs, and soon he needed help. Brendan hired friends and fellow students a like to help get dogs out and running. After graduating he realized a different model was needed to meet the growing and evolving needs of both clients and runners.

We caught up with Brendan earlier this year  after the debut of the new Jogs for Dogs website and app. Here’s what we learned:

1. What makes Jogs for Dogs an important service?

JFD connects Dogs, who might otherwise not get some great exercise, with fun and energetic Runners who are looking for an awesome running partner.  There are lots of services for dogs, but JFD is unique because it is Just One Runner, and One Dog, and of course, it’s Running, not Walking. JFD Runners run because they love it, it’s fantastic exercise, and it’s a sweet way to make really good money for an hour of your time.

2. Why did you choose Fremont for JFD headquarters? How does being here affect or influence Jogs for Dogs, if at all?

 Well of course if we had to be someplace, the Center of the Universe is a good place to start. Jogs For Dogs is all about “creating a fun platform for people to connect with one another.” And in a sentence, I’d say that’s pretty similar to Fremont.
JFD is a tech company rooted very solidly in “real non-tech” reality. In other words: we use technology to enable a very real marketplace (that has actual tangible value) to function.  And so, we were looking for a place that has a great tech vibe, and also a great “real-world” feel. Fremont is perfect. Google shares a block with a chocolate factory. You’re as likely to run into a Facebook Engineer as you are a Brew-master.  And of course, from Fremont you can run some of the coolest runs in the city…whether you’re circling Lake Union, running the Queen Anne Crown, or doing the Ballard/Fremont Bridge Loop.
Like many other Fremont business Jogs for Dogs fits the Seattle, and Fremont lifestyle, however it is not just limited to Seattle. Jogs for Dogs offers connections to runners in Portland, San Francisco, and even London!
Have a dog that needs a jog? Connect with a runner in Seattle or another major US city here.
Interested in becoming a runner? You’ll want to get JFD certified! Find out more here. You can also connect with JFD on their Facebook.
Fun Fact: The Jogs for Dogs logo is taken from a photo of Brendan and his dog Scout! You can often see them running some of the runs Brendan mentioned above.

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Fremont Outdoor Movies honors the late Robin Williams

August 22nd, 2014 by master



On Wednesday Fremont Outdoor Movies honored the late Robin Williams with a screening of one of his most well-known films. Initially the Outdoor Movies crew did not reveal with film would be shown hinting at Patch Adams, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, or The Dead Poets Society.

Robin Williams passed away earlier this month on August 11th. After being active in comedy, film, and TV for over forty years his death sparked an overwhelming response from the public through nearly every available medium. The big screen was no exception.

When the film began Wednesday evening Mrs. Doubtfire claimed the honors, a film with both humorous and serious themes set in San Francisco a city to which Williams had strong ties. A smaller but dedicated crowd than normal attended this weekday screening.

Sally Field and Robin Williams in a scene from Mrs. Doubtfire at the Fremont Outdoor Movies

The Fremont Outdoor Movies schedule continues this weekend with a cult-favorite: The Big Lebowski on Saturday evening. The Dude costume contest included. This is a 21+ showing.

The final movie of the season will be shown Saturday August 30th and promises to be prehistoric


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Stairway Project Completed in North Fremont

August 14th, 2014 by master

If you live in Fremont you know about the hill. Yes, that big one. Fremont Ave gradually rises from the canal up to 45th but the streets to the west are a fair bit steeper. Among the twisting roads on the hillside are several public staircases to increase pedestrian access to the area.

The new staircase replaces an older staircase connecting Greenwood Ave N and Palatine Ave N between the 43rd and 44th Street blocks. The new staircase is more open and already in use, especially on sunny days. Interested in learning more about Seattle’s stairways? Check out Seattle Stairway Walks: Fremont for tips and tours.

The newly completed staircase


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Starbucks Switches It Up

August 12th, 2014 by master

Regulars at the Fremont Starbucks will have to change their pre-caffeine route following Starbuck’s move last week. Starbuck’s is now located in the space formerly occupied by Peet’s which has sat empty for the past year. After closing both locations for a couple of days the new location was ready for business last Friday.

The new location will offer all the same Starbucks products including a Clover Machine. However there will be increased seating especially with the addition of an upstairs. This move has also required the Fremont Starbucks to hire additional staff and the store plans to continue it’s participation with the Fremont Art Walk in the new space.

Starbucks moves one block south to 34th Street and Fremont Ave N

While speaking with the store manager, Nicole, she described a natural progression that led Starbucks to make this move and that they realized it was a good thing long term. After 21 years in Fremont, they understand the importance of the community.

At this new location Nicole aims to have a “great community presence” by building on their pre-existing partnerships with artists, maintaining a notice board, and serving as a space for customers and the Fremont community.

A Grand Opening celebration is being planned for September, you can find out more on the Fremont Starbucks Facebook page.

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Fremont Bridge Lane Closures for Facelift

August 11th, 2014 by master

SDOT began work this week to paint the Fremont Bridge which is no easy task considering the immensity of the project itself along with the bevy of boats, bikers, walkers, and of course, vehicles that cross the bridge every hour. Here are the most important details about the closures:

Beginning this Monday and continuing for the next several weeks the northbound traffic lane and east-side walkway will be closed from 7am-3pm Monday through Friday.

There may also be a couple of weekend closures the first of which will occur on September 6-7th. However, these closures are only scheduled for the wee hours of the morning. From 3am-6am on Saturday and 12am to 6am on Sunday. (Heads up bar-goers crossing from Queen Anne!)

You can find the full project description here as well as this great explanation about how tricky it is to repaint a bridge here, both from SDOT.

We are also pretty big fans of the Fremont Bridge here at Fremont Universe, check out our post about the bridge for more fun facts.

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Shakespeare and Sunsets

August 10th, 2014 by master

For the past two weekends Wallingford Playfield has played host to some characters. Betram and Helena to be specific, along with Antipholus and Dormio from Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well and The Comedy of Errors respectively.

These characters and the performances they appeared in were part of Green Stage‘s  Shakespeare in the Park, now in it’s 26th season. This year’s performance calendar includes Othello, Love’s Labour’s Lost, All’s Well That Ends Well, and The Comedy of Errors.

Saturday August 2nd was a double feature of All’s Well That Ends Well and The Comedy of Errors in Wallingford. The late sunset and dynamic clouds make it an inexcusable evening to be inside.


Shakespeare in the Park is a Seattle summer tradition. For over 25 years Green Spaces has provided free productions geared towards families and fun. It all began with the Taming of the Shrew in 1989 and this year they complete Shakespeare’s canon with a KABOOM!

The simple yet celebrate setting at Wallingford Playfield

As part of the Backyard Bard performances All’s Well and Comedy use a simple cloth backdrop and clever costumes that four actors shift through with the familiarity of a routine. The audience is a range of ages, especially for these condense 45 minute shows. Folding chairs, rocks, blankets, and bare grass are the priceless theater seats.

This performance was worth wandering to Wallingford! For the remaining Shakespeare in the Park shows check out the Summer Performance Schedule.

What did you do this Saturday? If it was something awesome in the area let us know on Facebook or at 

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Drop your ballot off today!

August 5th, 2014 by master

Today is the last day to submit your vote in the Official Primary and Special Election Ballot for King County. For the City of Seattle the ballot includes Proposition 1 to establish the Seattle Park district which has had vocal arguments for and against the measure.

Need to resources to review the topics and hear the arguments? Here are a few:

The official King County Primary and Special Election information page.

The Stranger’s Slog Election blog makes their suggestions including endorsing the Proposition 1 measure.

The Seattle Times has additional coverage of the election with editorials and  their endorsement against Prop 1.

To return your ballot it must be:

a) mailed and postmarked August 5th

b) returned to an accessible voting center, the closest one is at Seattle Union Station and will be open until 8:00pm today

or c) taken to a ballot drop box by 8:00pm. The nearest location for Fremonsters is the drop box outside of the Ballard branch of the Seattle Public Library. For other locations refer to this site.

Got a stuck envelope? King 5 has some tips to help you out!

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