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Schilling Cider set to open cider bar in Fremont

May 22nd, 2014 by master

Fremont has a bounty of bars and boasts several breweries as well. However, something new is on its way to please people’s palates. A cider tasting room! Schilling Cider’s tasting room to be specific.

Just over a year ago, Colin Schilling and Mark Kornei founded Schilling Cider across the Fremont Bridge in Colin’s Queen Anne home. These two young entrepreneurs were eager to leave the business world behind and use their MBAs from Willamette University in a new way.

Colin had been making cider at home since college and became increasingly innovative. He and Mark saw an opportunity to apply their educational backgrounds in business and entrepreneurship in a less-than conventional manner. They felt that what Seattle, and the beverage market needed was a well-made, drinkable cider. The result: Schilling’s Original Hard Cider

You can find Schilling Cider on Facebook here:

You can find Schilling Cider on Facebook here.

It is an exciting time for Schilling Cider, after setting up shop south of Seattle in Auburn just over a year ago, they are currently moving to a new, larger production facility in the same area. Additionally, they want to establish a home for their company near its roots and amongst the beverage-heavy culture that inspired it, so a Schilling Cider tasting room and cider bar is on its way! The cider bar will be located at 708 North 34th Street adjacent to Old School Custard and Impinj, a tech company.

Mark and Colin are very excited about this new phase and have a strong vision for what they want the bar to be. They hope it introduces people not only to their cider but also to the greater world of cider. They plan to encourage this philosophy with a cold case featuring ciders from around the world, a demonstration of cider production, as well as an instillation about the Schilling brand name. With over 30 handles in the new cider bar Mark and Colin hope to not only showcase a variety of Schilling’s ciders but also encourage customers to explore the modern cider industry and its growing offerings.

For the younger generation, A. Schilling & Company was well-known spice brand on the West Coast that was eventually bought out by McCormick. Following this acquisition, McCormick continued to use the Schilling brand name in the region until the early 2000s. The spice company’s namesake and founder August Schilling was Colin’s great-great grandfather. Colin feels a strong connection to this heritage as he begins his own company.

Just as Schilling’s spice company aimed to provide outstanding quality products at reasonable prices, Colin and Mark hope to do the same with cider. Like many new Seattle companies, Schilling Cider also takes sustainability into serious consideration as they produce and market their products. All of these factors have helped shape a unique business plan for the young company.

Schilling Cider has not yet announced an opening date for their tasting room. The team will be working on renovating and designing the space in the months to come. In the meantime, you can find their ciders on tap at several local bars (most often at The Barrel Thief, Brouwer’s, and Outlander Brewing) and on the shelves at PCC, Whole Foods, and BevMo. The company recently announced their expansion to several East Coast states as well. The current seasonal cider is the Grapefruit Cider a unique and tasty twist on the traditional style and available in 22oz bottles.

Cheers Schilling Cider! Welcome to Fremont!
Schilling Cider's newest seasonal offering: Grapefruit Cider

Schilling Cider’s newest seasonal offering: Grapefruit Cider

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Seeking Beer Pouring Volunteers!

May 12th, 2014 by master

Bold Hat Productions, the Fremont-based company that brings us Hopscotch Beer & Scotch Festival, the Fremont Fair, and Oktoberfest is partnering with the NW Folklife Festival this year to make Memorial Day an even more festive occasion!

Bold Hat Productions is still seeking volunteers to pour beer during 4 hour shifts in exchange for two drink tickets to use in the Beverage Gardens as well as “a great chance to give back to your community and meet some amazing people in the process!”

There are shifts available from May 23-26th. All volunteers must be 21 years or older and you can register to volunteer here.

There are also volunteer opportunities for the Fremont Fair as well!


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The Way Station Wanders Next Door

May 9th, 2014 by master

On the western edge of Fremont, in what some would call Frellard, after 35th Street turns into 36th Street and turns once more in Leary Way there is a coffee shop with a subtle presence but a strong following.


Which way to the Way Station?

The Way Station (formerly Short Stop Coffee) serves clients as diverse as the mixed residential, commercial, and industrial areas surrounding it. Fabricators, engineers, business owners, passerby on the Burke-Gilman, artists, and the local firemen all frequent the Way Station for what brings so many Seattleites together: Delicious coffee.

The Way Station is currently located just past the Brown Bear Car Wash with only a parking lot separating the building and the Burke-Gilman Trail. This month the Way Station will be making the leap next door to the former home of Emerald City Gardens, a garden shop that closed its doors to downsize in 2013 with more of a focus on online sales and a pop-up shop. This will place the Way Station right along Leary with increased visibility. Hopefully the regulars won’t have too hard of time finding it!

The Way Station's Future Home

The Way Station’s Future Home

The new location will offer all the same services as the current one. Known for extremely friendly and always cheery baristas, The Way Station serves up a full selection of café beverages, including Dillanos on drip and a Drive-thru window. Breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and lunch sandwiches are available to fill customers up and combat the jitters. Local muralist Ryan Henry Ward sells his signature Henry canvases here as well. One of his murals featuring a flock of birds is on an exterior wall alongside the current drive through which is in fact the rear of the Way Station’s new building.

Next time you pass by on Leary slow down and see if they’ve made the leap! Either way stop by the Way Station for a great beverage and grab the latest copy of the Stranger all while in a cheery atmosphere surrounded by the curious creatures of Henry’s imagination.



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Have you heard? It’s time to GiveBig!

May 6th, 2014 by master

Many folks may have heard from the various organizations they participate with or donate to about today’s Seattle-wide fundraiser, GiveBig. The Seattle Foundation, a community foundation whose mission is “to foster powerful and rewarding philanthropy to make King County a stronger, more vibrant community for all” puts on this annual event.


GiveBig is a one-day (May 6th this year) charitable giving event conducted completely online and benefitting over 1,600 nonprofits in the region. Why not just donate to the organizations? For each donation (up to $5,000 per individual) made before midnight tonight to a non-profit, that non-profit will receive “a prorated portion of The Seattle Foundation’s matching funds, or “stretch pool.” The amount of the “stretch” depends on how much is raised in total donations on GiveBIG day.” Donors also have the option to donate directly to the “stretch pool” if they aren’t sure which organization to contribute to.

The “stretch pool” has a limited amount of funds (depending on how many donate) so the amount the Seattle Foundation matches varies. In 2013 the “stretch pool” grew from $850,000 to $1 million over the course of one day! Along with organization-specific donations the online campaign generated $11.1 million in contributions last year.

Some Fremont-area organizations participating in GiveBig are:

Fremont Community School

Fremont Abbey Arts Center

Fremont Community Therapy Project

The Moisture Festival

Stone Soup Theater

APRIL Small Press and Independent Literature Festival

Facing Homelessness

Literacy Source (previously written by Fremont Universe here)

The Seattle Public Library

Solid Ground (formerly the Fremont Public Association)

There are hundreds of other wonderful organizations listed in the Seattle Foundation’s Giving Center. Many of these are grouped into categories such as Basic Needs, Neighborhoods & Communities, Environment, and (probably a Fremont favorite) Arts & Culture.

Whether it’s giving to your favorite non-profit, one you just learned about, or contributing to the “stretch pool” let’s all GiveBig today!

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Food is Fun!

May 5th, 2014 by master

Seattleites bid farewell to the warm temperatures and sunshine this weekend and instead embraced cooler temperatures (mid to high 50s oh my!) and sudden showers. In traditional NW fashion the weather did not slow many folks down, especially when it came to the Mobile Food Rodeo this past Sunday in Fremont.

The Fremont Sunday Market occupied it’s normal end of North 34th Street with a wide array of crafts, vintage finds and other wares. Then came the taco trucks, the crepe trucks, the mediterranean trucks, waffle trucks, hamburger trucks, on and on. A feast for the eyes, nose, and of course, the mouth.


Regular market patrons and visitors alike quickly left the Sunday Market scene and were surround by the Mobile Food Rodeo. This year’s rodeo featured 45 local food trucks, over 20 of which participated in the Taco Libre Showdown sponsored by University VW Audi. Foodies vote throughout the Rodeo for the best taco, in 2013 Marination Mobile took home top honors. Also unique to the Mobile Food Rodeo, each participating truck offers a $5 sample plate so you can taste the variety of their menu and sample even more trucks.

Part of the crowd toted “VIF” badges and were clearly on a mission. A limited number of these “Very Important Foodies” purchased passes for $25 (one-day) to skip the lines and have a minimal wait in the VIF lines.

In additions to the food offerings themselves the variety of truck setups from pig shaped, an impressive custom Mercedes truck, to trailers and retired trolleys livened up the line up. The cast of characters working inside added to the festive air. Full and contented patrons strolled the overcast streets and the showers held off until late afternoon. It’s much easier to be rained on with a full stomach!

Some favorites such as Marination Mobile (previously a regular on N 35th Street), Flair Taco (open 7 days a week next to Piece of Mind), and Off the Rez (previously a regular on N 36th Street) were present. Off the Rez won this year’s Best Taco award to boot! You can check their Facebook to see where they’ll be next.

Other food trucks acted as an extension of a physical location such as Pel Meni Tzar Russian Dumplings (tucked between N 35th and N 36th streets on Fremont Place), Skillet Street Food (with Skillet Diner locations in Ballard and Capitol Hill), Veraci Pizza (located just over on Market Street) and of course, Ezell’s Express serving up the local chain’s famous chicken.

Not done feasting at the food trucks?

You can check out the Seattle Food Truck website or Roaming Hunger to see where your favorite food trucks might be. There are also several food trucks each week at the Fremont Sunday Market so hold off eating until you get there! Also, the Mobile Food Rodeo will be making it’s next appearance at the Seattle Street Food Festival August 8-9th in Capitol Hill.

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