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Not Another Coffee Shop

January 23rd, 2015 by master




Since Starbuck’s move to the corner of N 34th Street and N Fremont Ave last August the space it called home for over 20 years remained vacant until this notice appeared:


Pardon the reflection, it reads:

This space has been rented to a new tenant.
(not a coffee shop)
They are in process of permit and design
Soon to open for your service
Peck Properties


Peck Properties has peaked our curiosity, if it’s not a coffee shop what might it be? Tell us your guess on the Fremont Universe Facebook page.

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Starbucks Switches It Up

August 12th, 2014 by master

Regulars at the Fremont Starbucks will have to change their pre-caffeine route following Starbuck’s move last week. Starbuck’s is now located in the space formerly occupied by Peet’s which has sat empty for the past year. After closing both locations for a couple of days the new location was ready for business last Friday.

The new location will offer all the same Starbucks products including a Clover Machine. However there will be increased seating especially with the addition of an upstairs. This move has also required the Fremont Starbucks to hire additional staff and the store plans to continue it’s participation with the Fremont Art Walk in the new space.

Starbucks moves one block south to 34th Street and Fremont Ave N

While speaking with the store manager, Nicole, she described a natural progression that led Starbucks to make this move and that they realized it was a good thing long term. After 21 years in Fremont, they understand the importance of the community.

At this new location Nicole aims to have a “great community presence” by building on their pre-existing partnerships with artists, maintaining a notice board, and serving as a space for customers and the Fremont community.

A Grand Opening celebration is being planned for September, you can find out more on the Fremont Starbucks Facebook page.

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Fremont Coffee Shops Approach Wi-Fi Access Differently

September 27th, 2011 by master

By Mwiza Kalisa

Some coffee shops provide Wi-Fi to customers for free, but Fremont Coffee Company is trying something different.

Last year the company introduced a Wi-Fi code system that lasts up to three hours. Despite the time limit, the system is working well for the company and its Wi-Fi users.

Assistant Manager Brandon Mills says that the current passcode system is reliable. “I know there are things, like support, that go along with the system we have which is helpful,” he said. “If there’s ever a problem, there are people to get a hold of to ensure that our customers are happy and connected.”

The company has gone through three different Wi-Fi systems. In previous years customers could purchase a four-hour passcode which was administered by the coffee shop. At one point free Wi-Fi was provided to the neighborhood, but many customers complained about the poor service. “It crashed all the time and there wasn’t anything we could do about it,” Mills said. “Now it’s a better system all together.”

Grady Lemoine, a PhD student at UW, has seen the company go though the three systems over the years. Lemoine, who is a regular, typically spends 2 to 3 hours at the coffee shop. “This is the one that has worked best of the three,” he said. “It’s a small price to pay for Wi-Fi that is reliable.” When Lemoine goes over the three hours he says that the baristas are happy to provide a new code.

Caffé Vita, Starbucks and Caffé Ladro are among coffee shops that offer Wi-Fi with a purchase. “People like that we have Wi-Fi, it fills up quickly,” said Holly Walter, manager of Caffé Vita. Some have gone to different lengths to use the Wi-Fi service. Although it doesn’t happen often Walter says there are days when people pull up in their cars. “It’s like going to a restaurant and [only] ordering water,” she said.

“We’re here to make good coffee,” Walter added. “Internet is a bonus.”

Photo: Mwiza Kalisa

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Fremont News, Notes, Happenings & Whatnot 12/6

December 6th, 2010 by master

Some news, updates and happenings in and around Fremont to be aware of…

Fremont’s Starbucks gets a great write-up and tons of photos over at Starbucks Melody.

The old Italia Motel at 4129 Aurora Ave. N. has now been boarded up and cleaned out.

Atsuko Tamura, president of Fremont action-sports gear retailer Evo, gets quoted in this article about the influx of snow in the Seattle area.

Over in Wallingford, the big Wallingford sign atop the QFC got lit up for the holidays.

Want some more photos of the Lenin Lighting? Here’s a slideshow for you.

The 46th Street Mural Project survey, which invites the community of Wallingford and Fremont, and users of the N 46th Street underpass to share their opinions of the newly completed mural, will close next week. Speak your mind ASAP in their survey.


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Free ticket to SIFF via Starbucks

May 28th, 2010 by master

As a follow-up to last week’s “We Love You Fridays” Mariners ticket giveaway, Starbucks is giving customers who stop by their neighborhood Starbucks after 2 tomorrow (May 28) a free ticket to the 36th Seattle International Film Festival.

Our own neighborhood Starbucks in downtown Fremont is participating.

As you probably already know, SIFF is the mother of all U.S. film festivals, at least in terms of size and duration, with more than 400 films from over 60 countries, going on through June 13.

No purchase is necessary, but as expected, vouchers are limited, so get them while you can! It’s not a carte blanche deal, the vouchers are only valid for certain films.

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