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Beware of thieves stalking outgoing mail

April 26th, 2010 by master

For the past few months, neighbors in Fremont have been reporting thefts of outgoing mail left for their postal carriers on their porches/home boxes. It might be prudent to drop mail – especially bill payments & Netflix DVDs – in USPS mailboxes from now on, or directly at the local post office.

This was reported to FAWN in March:

“Our mail was stolen today, Sat. 3/13. We live on the 3800 block of Linden Ave, near the firestation. We have had mail stolen before from our house, but had thought the thieves had moved from the neighborhood. (Drug addicts living a few houses away were kicked out of their rental.)

“It was almost time for the mail carrier to arrive and my husband took a chance and put the mail out on the postbox on our porch. It was taken within minutes, around 11:15-11:45am. My husband heard someone on the porch and assumed it was the carrier. The carrier arrived a few minutes later and confirmed that he had not picked up our mail.

“Any information about strange people, not dressed as mail carriers, taking things from home post boxes would be appreciated. Take care when putting mail out for pick up and don’t put anything with a check or ID info out on your home postbox. We have reported the theft to the police and Postal Inspector.”

And then more recently:

Outgoing mail thefts have been occurring right on Fremont Ave between 41st and 42nd. Several tenants in one apartment bldg had their mail stolen from the outgoing mailbox and their checks washed and presented to local branches of banks for cashing. Two dates this occurred were March 30th and April 15th. There were probably more that haven’t been tracked down yet.”

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