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Simple and Sunny: The Yellow Dot Cafe

April 16th, 2014 by master

One morning this week I was desperately in need of three things: coffee, breakfast, and wifi. Fremont has many options for cafe culture but I had yet to try the Yellow Dot Cafe at the intersection of Fremont Ave and N 34th.

On this particular morning a tasty scone or pastry would not satisfy my hunger so I thought Yellow Dot’s selection of breakfast burritos might do the trick. I crossed Fremont Ave just near the Fremont Bridge, passed behind the Interurban Sculpture, and stepped into a crisp and brightly lit environment.

This is the second Yellow Dot Cafe location, the original is located on Westlake in South Lake Union. The Fremont location opened last November, occupying a space that had been vacant for sometime just east of the Fremont Bridge. Business has been slowly picking up since then and the Cafe recently added an outdoor seating area that is sure to be popular in warm weather.

Owner Ziyi Li explained that she opened the Yellow Dot Cafe as a result of her own dining experience and finding something lacking. Her objective was for a “casual” and “convenient” dining environment that provides quality food options while keeping things simple and easy. One of the ways the cafe delivers this convenience is by having customers order at the counter in lieu of table service. Ziyi feels this allows patrons to order and dine more at their own pace. Additionally, the breakfast menu includes savory items because she herself is often dissatisfied with sugary options at coffee shops.

Originally from China, Ziyi spent time in Florida and later Manhattan before moving to Seattle with her husband. She says misses Manhattan but loves the urban environment here. The sleek and modern interior, both practical and intriguing shows she has brought some New York influences with her.

The interior of the Yellow Dot Cafe. From the Yellow Dot Cafe’s Facebook page

Why the “Yellow Dot” cafe? Ziyi says that when she first moved to the United States certain business names were difficult to remember and she wanted to avoid that. She wanted a name that was east to remember, happy, and simple much like her cafe.

The Fremont location of the Yellow Dot Cafe is also unique in that it provides dinner options, staying open until 8:00PM and offering beer and wine. Menu items range from $5-10 and include wraps, sandwiches, salads, and of course, burritos! Happy Hour is from 3PM until close and features $4 beers and $5 BBQ Sliders.

More information about the Yellow Dot Cafe’s Menu and hours can be found here. The cafe regularly posts the Soup of the Day on their Facebook page as well.

Although it’s somewhat belated, Welcome to Fremont Yellow Dot Cafe!

The Yellow Dot Cafe’s new outdoor seating area. Image from Yellow Dot Cafe’s Facebook page.

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Fremont Chrismas Eve & Christmas Coffee Shop & Market Hours

December 21st, 2011 by master

With Christmas Eve and Christmas approaching, you’re beginning to ask yourself that dreaded question…where will I get my coffee and baked goods this weekend?

Below are the hours for Fremont’s coffee shops and markets so you’ll know when to go and when all of your caffeine-withdrawal-induced banging on the locked front doors will be for naught.

If you see any missing from the list, let me know and I’ll add. Restaurant and bar hours will be posted separately.

PCC Market: Open til 7pm on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas

Marketime: Open til 6pm on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas

Caffe Ladro: Open til 5pm on Christmas Eve, open 7am to noon on Christmas

Starbucks: Open til 7pm on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas

Peets: Open til 4pm on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas

Fremont Coffee Company: Open til 5pm on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas

Caffe Vita: Open til 2pm on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas

Lighthouse Roasters: Open til 1pm on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas

Milstead & Co.: Open til 1pm on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas

Canal Street Coffee: Open til 5pm on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas

ETG Coffee: Open til 4pm on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas

Flying Apron Bakery: Open til 2pm on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas

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Fremont’s Tableau Software Hosting Recruiting Event

May 11th, 2011 by master

I have two questions for you…

Do you consider yourself or would you be interesting in becoming an Online Product Analysts, Product Consultants, Sales Area Manager, Customer Service Rep, Quality Assurance Engineer or Software Engineer?

Do you like coffee?

If the answer is yes to both, you really need to head down to the Lake View Building Courtyard at 837 N 34th Street on May 13th between 7:30 – 11:30 a.m. That’s where the folks from Tableau Software will be hosting their “Caffeine Blast Recruiting Event.”

Tableau Employees will be handing out coffee and chatting with potential candidates about the many work opportunities they have. Your resume or business card gets you a cup of coffee and a chance to find out about Tableau and their “mission of helping people see and understand data.”

Tableau’s culture is casual yet high energy. We value work/life balance, efficiency, simplicity, freakishly friendly customer service, and making a difference in the world. This is your opportunity to help us build one of the most important companies in the software industry.

Tableau’s Seattle office is based at 837 North 34th Street, Suite 400.

Find out more about the company at their website. If you can’t make the event, apply online for a job at

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Caffé Vita’s Zoo Special Reserve Benefits Woodland Park Zoo

April 15th, 2011 by master

Now when you stop by Caffé Vita for your daily cup of coffee, you can help save an animal’s life. Not too shabby.

For every bag of Zoo Special Reserve purchased at Caffé Vita, $1 will be donated to Woodland Park Zoo. The farmers who grow this coffee promote biodiversity by setting aside over forty percent of their land as a nature reserve, which protects the habitats of native tropical animals and birds such as gray foxes, armadillos, anteaters, parrots and butterflies. The Zoo Special Reserve coffee beans were sustainably farmed using innovative systems of composting, recycling and water conservation under the belief that healthy, organic soil and diverse shade cover produces superior coffee.

Zoo Special Reserve is sold in 12-ounce bags of whole beans for $13.95 at all six Caffé Vita locations in Seattle, though the easiest one for you to get to would be the Fremont location at 4301 Fremont Avenue North.

Caffé Vita will continue to work with Woodland Park Zoo this summer when they travel to Papua New Guinea to help improve community livelihoods while protecting biodiversity and the habitat of the endangered Matschie’s tree kangaroo.

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Milstead & Company Bringing ‘Simple, Awesome’ Coffee To Fremont

March 31st, 2011 by master

I know what you’re thinking. ANOTHER coffee shop in Fremont? But seriously, hear me out on this one. You’re going to want to hear what Milstead & Company will be up to when they open in Fremont this May at 770 N 34th Street.

Milstead has made a name for himself as a barista here in Seattle and Minnesota where he placed highly in and won various latte art competitions. His passion for coffee has led him to starting his own shop and I spoke with him about his new venture.

FremU: Can you tell us about the new coffee shop you’re opening in Fremont?

Andrew: The coffee shop is located on N 34th street next to Fremont’s awesome History House. It is a fairly simple space with lovely high ceilings, great natural light, plenty of room to hang out in, and some of the worlds most amazing coffees. The shop is the result of a lot of dreaming and about 8 years of working hard to learn about one of my greatest passions…….coffee. I see it as a playground for the coffee enthusiast and neophyte alike. A place for a quick espresso, or to hang out for hours with friends. My hope is that it can become a “living room” of Fremont……one with the best coffee you’ve ever had :).

FremU: What made you choose Fremont to open your shop? What is it about Fremont that makes it the right place for you?

Andrew: All things considered, I am fairly new to the Seattle area. I have lived here for about 2 and half years. The first two of those years I spent living in Kirkland managing a wonderful cafe called the Urban Coffee Lounge. I spent my college years (and then some) in Minneapolis and St. Paul. While I was living there I visited Seattle often, as my older Sister and her husband have lived here for several years. It didn’t take more then one visit for me to fall in love with Seattle and all of its wonderful and unique neighborhoods.

Being a tourist of Seattle, Fremont was always one of the main destinations. So much character and beauty in this little neighborhood. I still remember my first trip out, seeing the Troll, strolling through the Sunday market, perusing records, checking out the neighborhoods past at the History House, and of course eating chocolate. Fremont visits were always a big highlight of my trips. When I finally made the move into Seattle 2 and a half years ago I lived in Kirkland to be close to the cafe that I managed. Nearly every weekend found me in Fremont, Ballard, Greenlake, or Queen Anne. Something about being close to the water and so many awesome shops just makes me feel alive and lucky to live in the city.

I finally made the move over to the Fremont area (technically I am in Queen Anne, about 4 blocks off of Nickerson), and have enjoyed every day that I’ve been here. Most Barista’s out there probably have tons of really great ideas, dreams, and thoughts about what their own cafe would like if it ever came to be. One of my biggest hopes was that it would be in a neighborhood that is alive with people, thriving small business, and a sort of comfort that just makes people jealous of those that get to live there. Moving into the realm of small business ownership it was also incredibly important to me that I live close to the shop and be able to really thrive and enjoy myself in the neighborhood as well. Seeing as this part of Seattle has always brought me happiness it made perfect sense that I would end up in Fremont. I love that Fremont has so much foot traffic, so many people walking around taking in the sites, checking out the shops. I love the idea of being able to offer a place for people to enjoy as they explore Fremont. Coffee is such a huge passion of mine it also greatly excites me to be able to bring something to a neighborhood that I enjoy so much. I am super excited to offer some of the greatest coffees available to one of the greatest neighborhoods around!

[

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Pura Vida to open Fremont Cafe

September 29th, 2008 by master

The Fremont company, Pura Vida Coffee, sells fair trade coffee at 200 colleges and universities as well as the U.S. House of Representatives. But if you want a cup, you’ll have to travel over the bridge to the Seattle Pacific University cafe. CEO Jeff Angell says he wants to open a cafe in Fremont by late next year on Stone Way N. near 35th St. “It’s really important for us to have a destination in town,” Angell told the PI. Pura Vida gives away its profits to help coffee grower communities in Latin America and Africa.

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